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How I Discovered Mindfulness

15 years ago I was assaulted and subsequently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. This was horrendous at the time, but it became a turning point for me - the axis upon which my life turned around.

At that time, I was in a high-pressured sales management role - focused on my career and looking back now, on a bit of a hamster wheel.

Prior to this incident I'd never really heard of mindfulness, never meditated and although I thought I'd been happy, I realise now that my life had been based on reacting to what life gave me, rather than being proactive and seeking out what I wanted. I wasn't living a particularly conscious life. ​

During the therapy I received I discovered mindfulness and developed a passion for wellbeing, with mindfulness at the core.

As I recovered I felt inspired to embark on many solo travel adventures, to study for and gain a degree in psychology & philosophy, move to London, leave my corporate career and qualify as an English Language Teacher. It was during my time as a teacher that I started sharing my mindfulness knowledge and practices with students. I subsequently qualified as a mindfulness and yoga teacher, and so The Kindfulness Effect was born.

I guess my point is - you never know what can happen. Stressful and dark situations are part of life, as are times of joy and light and it's all impermanent, life constantly ebbs and flows.

You never know where a bad situation can lead you and with the right support and coping mechanisms, you can learn to better navigate these inevitable ups and downs of constant change and challenge, rather than railing against them and causing yourself additional suffering.

A big step on my journey was attending an 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course and it was pivotal for me in building a more purposeful, conscious and fulfilled life. So much so, I decided I wanted to teach the course!

8 Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course A big step on my journey

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR) is the most researched mindfulness course globally, with evidence supporting its effectiveness.

It has been proven to:

  • Reduce stress, overwhelm, anxiety and depression

  • Improve overall mental wellness and happiness

  • Build resilience and create balance

  • Reduce self-criticism, while enhancing compassion for yourself & others

  • Help to manage physical and emotional pain

  • Increase creativity, patience and emotional intelligence

As well as many other benefits Build your understanding of mindfulness week on week within a supportive community. Learn and experience the power of mindfulness and meditation.

Bring more balance, calm, and resilience into your life.

Enhance your own well-being and learn one of the most valuable life skills there is....

Included in the price:

  • All meditation recordings to support your home practice

  • 21.5 hrs of face to face sessions

  • A detailed e-course pack and additional resources

  • A half day (3.5hr) silent home retreat - online

  • Following the course you get free access to the MBSR Alumni Facebook group, giving you additional resources, discounts to future courses and classes and the support of a like-minded mindful community.

This is a truly transformational and life-changing course!

Read some of the testimonials here:

As my former therapist and now friend said to me, I’ve gone from post traumatic stress to post traumatic growth!

My Mission is to inform, inspire and empower people to lead happier, healthier and more conscious, connected and fulfilling lives, by creating a ripple effect of mindfulness, kindness and gratitude.

The Kindfulness Effect starts with you.


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