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Meditation - Online

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30 mins of guided online meditation 

  • Improves overall well-being: mental, physical & emotional. 

  • Improves focus, mindset, morale and self-worth.

  • Creates a greater sense of balance, clarity, and peace

Joining Instructions: Comfortable chair or cushion in a quiet room.

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Meditation Mythbusters

Meditation has so many incredible health benefits, it’s changed my life, however there are a lot of misconceptions about it, so I’d like to dispel some of those here:

𝟭. It isn't passive: It’s active. In mediation we learn to step towards & really experience things as they are, not how our thinking mind perceives it to be.

𝟮. It isn't emptying your mind: If you think that meditation is emptying your mind, then you're setting yourself up for failure. In meditation we learn to observe thoughts & feelings, experiencing them & recognising that while some of them are valid, they are not facts & are temporary. This helps us to better understand thoughts, habits & ultimately ourselves.

𝟯. It isn't only for hippies, buddhists and people with anxety: It’s helpful & accessible for everyone. If you’re too busy or stressed, you need it! If you’re already happy, you need it, so you’re better able to manage when challenges arise.

𝟰. It isn't a quick fix: You wouldn’t go for one run and think you could do a marathon! Meditation practice evolves over time (which is why it’s called a practice!) & every time we meditate it’s different – because so are we!

𝟱. It isn't always relaxing or comfortable: In fact, it can be a challenge. Experiencing things as they are, not how you’d like them to be isn’t always comfortable – but it’s always worthwhile. Relaxation isn't the goal but can be a by-product.

You don’t need any special training, clothing or equipment or to sit in a particular posture, it's not religious or mystical, it's just you & your awareness of whatever arises.

Come along to my free meditation classes to give it a try.

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Sessions are free however, if you'd like to make a donation,
please use the donate button. A percentage of all donations goes to charity. 

Rock in Sand
Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet,
it is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there"

- Deepak Chopra
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