Mindfulness Based

Stress Reduction Course

8 weeks - online

 Lead a more balanced life and cope better with stress, depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

Group Stretching

Corporate Wellbeing

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Benefits for your employees:

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Kindful Yoga

60 minutes


Yoga has a wide range of benefits: physical, emotional and mental. Practising physical yoga is a fantastic way to wake up the brain and body or to unwind and release constricted muscles after sitting at a desk all day. It connects the body, mind and breath to bring you into the present moment, while improving strength and flexibility. Yoga classes also include a short meditation. Classes are a strong but gentle flow, with full detailed instructions and support and are suitable for adults of all levels.

Kindful Meditation

30 minutes


Meditation is exercise for the mind. Practising meditation has been proven to improve both mental and physical health through: reducing stress and anxiety, improving focus, mindset and morale and creating a greater sense of balance. It is not mystical or religious. The guided meditations focus on various topics such as body scan, visualisations and compassion and is beneficial & accessible for everyone.

Kindful Movement & Mobility

30 minutes


This is a gentle movement and stretching class, designed to relieve tension and calm the mind. These sessions are less challenging than yoga and are ideal for anyone sat or stood in one position for long periods of time. These classes require no special equipment or clothing, are suitable and beneficial for everyone and can be done seated or standing

Kindful Kids

30 minutes


Kindful kids sessions have been designed to share the benefits of yoga and mindfulness in bite size! These fun and interactive 30 minute sessions help to create connection, improve imagination and build trust. They allow children (& adults) to express themselves, release physical tension & energy and find a sense of calm. Sessions include physical movement, kids' mindfulness & meditation and are suitable and beneficial to all children aged 3-8 years old.

Kindful Workshops

60 - 90 minutes

These engaging and interactive workshops show participants how they can use Kindfulness in practical ways to improve their day to day life, be that; in the workplace, parenting, relationships, communication, focus, self-care, stress etc.


All workshops have Kindfulness as a central theme, and cover a range of topics that can also be tailored to your needs. Recent workshops include; Everyday Kindfulness, Kindful Communication, Self Compassion for Resilience, Kindful Parenting and Managing Stress, Workshops include breakout sessions and discussions, and provide participants with helpful tools and techniques that they can use straight away.


Practical, interactive, engaging & fun, participants will leave feeling motivated, inspired and with the realisation that the basic tools to create a more positive life and a better world are at their disposal.


Workshops are suitable and hugely beneficial for everyone - even those who are sceptical! They can be used company wide or for team building sessions and are most effective with between 8-30 participants per session.


A one page toolkit is sent to all attendees following each workshop which includes a summary of the session, helpful additional resources and inspiration.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

2hrs per week for 8 weeks

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course is the world renowned 8 week course created by Jon Kabat-Zinn and is scientifically proven to help people cope better with stress, depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

Participants will learn the essential principles of mindfulness and simple techniques to build their personal practice, so that mindfulness becomes part of life well beyond the course. Compassion for yourself and others is also an integral part of this course, which is group based, interactive and practical. The course teaches participants how to live more mindfully and compassionately in order to enhance their sense of physical, emotional and mental well-being. The course is well suited for people who might have specific health conditions such as; stress, high blood pressure, anxiety, low mood or chronic pain as well as for people who do not have any related health conditions and simply want to learn mindfulness to enhance their sense of wellbeing and create a greater sense of balance in their lives.


Benefits of the MBSR course:

  • Enhance your sense of physical, emotional and mental well-being

  • Let go of limiting beliefs and create more happiness and success in life

  • Learn how to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain

  • Create more head space, free from chattering and/or negative thoughts

  • Learn how to respond wisely rather than react instinctively

  • Reduce self-criticism, enhance compassion for self and others, and increase creativity, patience and emotional intelligence

The MBSR is highly respected within the medical community. It is often recommended as a supplement to medical and psychological treatments.


MBSR courses timings will be tailored to your needs. Minimum 6, maximum 15 attendees per class.


Note: In addition to the weekly sessions, attendees need to commit to home practice between sessions to truly benefit from this course.

Available Classes & Packages


Available Classes - times and days subject to change (UK Times)


4 x Yoga classes: Monday 6pm, Wednesday 5.30pm, Thursday 9.30am, Saturday 9.30am. 4 x Meditation classes: Tuesday 8am, Wednesday 1pm, Thursday 5.30pm, Friday 9.15am 1 x Mindful Movement class: Tuesday 5.30pm.


Classic Kindfulness Package


This comprehensive package allows clients to select their preferred sessions from the range of classes listed above and is best suited to those wishing to offer 4-5 classes per week. Weekly selection must include at least 1 x yoga session.


Clients booking this package choose a minimum of 4 classes and receive 10% discount off all classes. In addition, clients booking this package will receive 10% discount off any workshops booked and 1 x half price workshop when booking this package for 3 months or more.


All Access Kindfulness Package


The All Access Package is the most cost effective option and allows clients to offer the entire range of classes to their employees to join as many as they wish each month. This added value package represents +35% discount vs. Classic Package.


In addition, clients booking this package will receive 10% discount off any workshops booked and 1 x free workshop when booking this package for 3 months or more.


Pick & Mix Kindfulness Package


Allows clients to select a range of classes from the sessions above to offer weekly. Suited to clients who want 3 classes or less per week.


Bespoke Kindfulness Package


Created & tailored to the needs of your business.

This includes dates, times and/or sessions as required. Subject to availability.


Kindfulness Workshop Package


Workshop topics & timings are bespoke and agreed a minimum one month in advance. It is recommended that the foundation workshop, Everyday Kindfulness, is scheduled within the first month of launch. This workshop introduces participants to the concept and benefits of Kindfulness and drives an uptake in future workshops and weekly classes.


When booking 4 x workshop sessions in advance, receive 10% discount off the standard price *cannot be used in conjunction with the classic package, as discount already applied*

*Prices are available on request. All classes are in UK time. Class timings are subject to change. Minimum one month of classes to be booked and one months notice is required to alter or cancel packages. All information is private and confidential.*