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Take the first step! - A reflection on my Kindfulness journey so far.

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Formentera, Spain

Last month was a major milestone for me. I delivered 6 Kindfulness workshops in the international online fashion retailer, ASOS and had the privilege of sharing Kindfulness to around 150 people in 3 days. So, I thought I’d take some time to reflect on it and on my Kindfulness journey so far.

From tiny acorns....

When I first started my Facebook page back in April 2018, it was simply a place to capture and share my thoughts and ideas about cultivating a healthier and more positive lifestyle, through a shift in mindset. A place to share motivational quotes, photos, poems and stories that had helped and inspired me on my journey. As it evolved it became more and more aligned to mindfulness, kindness, gratitude and care for this wonderful planet we call home. And so The Kindfulness Effect was born.

I was already running meditation classes at the school where I work, with my wonderful colleague Chris. And the school also supported me by inviting me to run a mindfulness workshop with the admin staff there. These opportunities and activities were a real catalyst for what I’m doing now and I'm so grateful for that.