The joy of cooking for one.

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

On a recent trip to visit my lovely friend Jess in Brighton, we got to discussing some of the ways single people (like both of us) sabotage their self-care by not cooking for themselves. How cooking, eating and indeed, enjoying a home-cooked meal for one, is an act of self-love and care and that your culinary skills shouldn't be reserved for cooking for others. I suggested she write a blog about it as it fits so perfectly with The Kindfulness Effect it is! And it's fabulous...just like her!

‘Urrrgghhh, I can never be bothered to cook just for me.’

Was a more depressing phrase ever uttered? Shuffling around the kitchen in worn-out slippers, forlornly stirring a saucepan of baked beans, tipping them out onto a piece of bland, chewy toast. Hoovering up my flavourless creation without really noticing it, glued to repeats of Frasier. Is this how I thought my life would turn out? Single at 36 after a messy break-up, existing on a variety of beige foodstuffs? Something had to change.