A journey through Veganuary - guest blog

Updated: Mar 3

At the end of December my dear friend Kate told me that her and her family were taking part in Veganuary 2021. I was delighted and asked her if she'd be interested in writing about her experience in a blog. I've been fully vegan for about 2 years now and vegetarian for some time before that...Once I took the bold step of researching and informing myself about the harsh realities of modern agriculture and the benefits of veganism (which admittedly wasn't easy to deal with at times), there was no going back! And as Kate says, I am very passionate about this, for many reasons. More about this in a future blog. For now, over to Kate and her journey through Veganuary (and beyond!).

I know what you're thinking. Vegans are super extreme. They wear tie-dyed clothes, are all dreadlocked hippies and hug trees. (Not that there's anything wrong with any of these things...I'm partial to a tree hug from time to time! ) But If that's what you're thinking, then it's time to abandon that idea. While it's possible that some vegans do fit that stereotype, most are everyday people like you and me and an increasing number of people are adopting and entirely plant-based diet for a variety of very good reasons. I challenged myself to adopt a vegan diet for a month after my husband suggested that we try Veganuary this year. I have been vegetarian for about 30 years so I wasn't too daunted by the challenge. I was definitely a cheese, egg, yogurt and butter lover though so