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Mindfulness + Kindness + Gratitude = Kindfulness

Mindfulness isn’t a one-size fits all solution. I believe that combining mindful practice with conscious kindness and conscious gratitude provides a more holistic approach to wellbeing, because Kindfulness requires both an inward and outward focus and creates connection. 
Practising kindfulness reminds you to be forgiving, compassionate and friendly (to yourself, others and the world around you) whilst being mindful. This all results in finding more moments of gratitude in your day, and so the cycle continues.  

My mission is to educate and inspire and to make the world a better place with awareness, kindness & gratitude, by throwing Kindfulness around like confetti! 

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In 2007 I was assaulted in a bar in my hometown. I suffered physical injuries, which took the best part of a year to recover from, but the psychological effects from the trauma shook me to my core and unbeknown to me at the time, they would be the gateway to starting a new path in my life. With hindsight, I believe in many ways, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.
(It still feels bizarre to say that out loud!)
You can read more about my journey in this blog. 

Having spent 15 years working as a manager in a global FMCG company and then as an English Language teacher, I strongly believe that mental wellbeing should be included within the agendas of corporate businesses and schools. 

I'm a qualified meditation, mindfulness and 200hr yoga teacher, for both adults and children and also qualified to teach the world renowned MBSR course. 


 I run weekly group yoga and meditation classes, as well as workshops, courses and yoga and meditation classes within corporate businesses, educational settings, festivals and retreats (Currently all online).

Corporate packages of workshops, yoga, meditation and mindful movement are available. 


You can find out more about my meditation and yoga classes and book via the button below

I am fully qualified to teach the globally recognised 8week (MBSR) Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course.
Click below for further details about this course.   

8 week MBSR course

Currently running online via Zoom.  
Can also be commissioned for workplaces. 

Next course starts on 15th September 2021. Click below for full details and contact me to book. 

Group Workshops

My workshops are ideal for corporate businesses or educational settings and focus on how Kindfulness can improve wellbeing. I will also be running these as a course in the near future. 

Yoga & Meditation

Available for workplaces, fitness studios, community programmes, schools.
Currently teaching weekly classes online via Zoom. 
Click below for latest schedule. 

I am also available to run sessions at retreat locations, where we can collaborate to include yoga, hiking or creative classes into our practices. 

"I learned so much during the session and have found her techniques useful in my day-to-day life. I’ve also passed on this information to family and friends. Thank you Melissa!"
"Her materials and explanations were clear, and her warmth and northern charm makes this subject relevant even to those who might be skeptical of the magical powers of kindfulness!"
"The session was absolutely spot on: personal, accessible and common sense...It opened up our minds to new things and new approaches for a calmer and hopefully happier work and home life in general. It was truly inspirational."
"One of the most important things that I learnt was how to control anger - as a quite impulsive person I hope it could be a life changer in the future...Thanks Melissa! I feel really inspired and I'm looking forward to more sessions. You're amazing!"