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Fun at Yoga

Beginner's Yoga Course

6 weeks online 

Discover yoga in a safe, supportive and fun space, building your knowledge from the foundations.

Perfect for complete beginners or anyone looking to revisit the fundamentals of a physical yoga practice.

Imagine how you'll feel after mastering the foundations of a strong yoga practice...
Yoga is about how you FEEL inside, not about creating pretty postures!

This course is for you if you.... 

  • Are new to yoga or interested in re-visiting the practice after some time out

  • Would like a firm grounding in the basics of yoga before joining a regular weekly class

  • Are looking to learn yoga in a supportive and small group setting

  • Want to learn yoga in a sustainable way, building strength, flexibility and knowledge week on week

  • Are interested in experiencing the overall benefits of the main aspects of yoga, including meditation, breathwork and relaxation and how it can improve your wellbeing

This course provides a strong and safe foundation so you can explore the many different styles of yoga in a weekly class.

Benefits of a yoga practice

Yoga has been shown to have many physical, emotional and  psychological benefits, these include; stress reduction, treating insomnia, reducing depression and improving focus. It increases the blood flow to vital organs, improves posture, increases strength and flexibility and enhances your mood to make you healthier and happier overall. 

Yoga Class
Yoga isn't for the flexible, it's for the willing! 

What you will learn

Meditation & Relaxation

Physical yoga is an ancient form of meditation. By including simple, accessible mindfulness techniques within your practice, we invite the mind to be less reactive, calmer and more accepting of a state of relaxation. 

Yoga Postures

You will learn a sequence of foundation poses, (known as asanas), the importance of alignment & how to work towards experiencing ease & stability by connecting mind, body & breath while building strength, balance & flexibility. 

Strength, Balance, Flexibility

In addition to the foundation asanas, we will also practice  exercises that will develop your physical strength, balance and flexibility to improve your physicality both on and off the mat. 


You'll learn about and experience, the importance of connecting to the breath in your practice and use it to help you meditate. You'll learn simple breathing exercises (known as pranayama) to boost mood and re-balance the nervous system.

The course builds your yoga practice week-by-week, introducing you to the basic yoga postures (asanas), including sequencing and healthy alignment. We will also practise exercises to build strength, flexibility & balance. Each class will also include breathwork (pranayama) and simple meditation and relaxation techniques.

At the end of the course my intention is that you will have practised the core yoga postures whilst having experienced the calming, centering benefits of other pivotal aspects of yoga such as guided relaxation & meditation. I hope you will then have the confidence to join a regular class, and most importantly, an overwhelmingly positive experience of physical yoga. 

Why I created this course

I've always been passionate about movement - I started dancing at a young age and have always been active. Whether walking, running, dancing or stretching I need to move and I'm a firm believer that movement is medicine!  


I started going to yoga classes about 10 years ago and through practising regularly I experienced a deeper understanding of the mind, body, breath connection and how I could combine movement with meditation. I also experienced how it improved my physical strength & flexibility as well as my inner resilience.

Yoga is not only for the young and flexible - newsflash - I'm not naturally flexible! (And I'm not particularly young either!!) It isn't competitive and you don't need to contort yourself into seemingly impossible positions - regardless of how it can be presented at times.


Physical Yoga is about connecting your body with the mind and breath in this moment, listening to it, honouring it and letting go - it isn't about striving and pushing. 

I created this six-week foundation course because I'm passionate about sharing the benefits of a mindful yoga practice with as many people as possible and I'm keen to present yoga as an awareness practice, benefitting both mind and body.

*I am a fully qualified and insured yoga teacher - 200hr Yoga Alliance registered and a children's yoga teacher through Rainbow Kids Yoga.*  


What you need to know​

  • The course is 6 weeks long and each session is 1hr via Zoom   

  •  Maximum attendees is 10 to allow greater individual attention, support and focus on alignments and also so we can work at a pace that means you learn sustainably and thoroughly, step by step.

The course will build each week, so by the end of the course you will be able to practice a yoga sequence and join a regular weekly class. 

Investment: £49 
Schedule: 1 hr every week for 6 weeks  with homework.  
Next course: TBC 

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